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How to Live Dangerously While Stuck in Self Isolation

by Chantal McCulligh on

If you’re stuck in self-isolation, the boredom is likely taking over. Extreme lifestyles and this pandemic do not go hand-in-hand. For months, everything from camping trips to extreme...

Post-Pandemic Bucket List for Men Stuck in Self Isolation

by Chantal McCulligh on

Covid19 put a serious damper on extreme lifestyles. The majority of the world shut down in a matter of weeks. There was no traveling, no exploring dangerous destinations...

5 Wallet Features That Give Off Your First Impression

by Chantal McCulligh on

Before you even open up your wallet, it’s giving the others around you a sneak peek at who you are as a man. What may surprise you though...

5 Ways To Use Your Carbon Fiber Wallet Gives Off The Impression You Want

by Chantal McCulligh on

You can’t ever have too many ways to pick up the ladies (or lads). And no, we aren’t talking about using what’s is your carbon fiber wallet to attract someone...

9 Self Defence Moves Every Man Should Know When Traveling

by Chantal McCulligh on

The biggest mistake a man can make is thinking that he’s tough enough for whatever situation may present itself. 

Most Dangerous Travel Destinations in 2020 To Check Off Your Dare Devil List

by Chantal McCulligh on

While everyone else is looking for the most dangerous travel destinations in 2020 to avoid them, you’re looking for the most dangerous travel destinations in 2020 so you...

8 Top Dangerous Places to Travel To With or Without Tactical Gear

by Chantal McCulligh on

There are many places in the world that can promise you danger. Whether or not you want to risk them without tactical gear is up to you. Though,...

How to Choose Travelling Bags and Wallets for Your Comfortable Journey?

by Anton Koev on

Are you planning a trip coming up shortly? Then wait for a second...are you sure you are not forgetting anything?

9 Reasons You Need to Slim Down Your Leather Wallet

by Chantal McCulligh on

Alpha male experts say that accessories can take your outfit and transform your entire lifestyle. But like most things in life, not all men’s accessories are created equal....

Must Have Travel Tactical Gear and Accessories for Men in 2020

by Chantal McCulligh on

The new decade is here and it’s time to explore the wonders of this world. Whether you’re packing up your motorcycle or jumping on a jet overseas, there...