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Titanium Ring Key Fob

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Color of Ti Rings
Magnum Grey

Titanium Ring key fob | COLDFIRE

  • This one of a kind, Carbon-body key fob is designed to add the finishing touch to your rebellious style.

    Crafted in a combination of CX6 Carbon fiber, Performance K-leather and Titanium, this tactical-grade key fob is the most eye-catching keeper of your keys. You can use it as is, or easily remove a ring.

    Size: 158 x 29 x 6 mm / Weight: 9 g

  • 2 Titanium Key Rings
    Carbon Fiber Body
    DYNEEMA®-reinforced lace

  • CX6 Carbon Fiber
    Performance K-Leather
    DYNEEMA® Threads
    Advanced Strengthening Materials
    Aircraft-grade Titanium TI-6/4
    Military-grade Threads

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