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SNAKE EYE - Slim Leather Card Holder 9cc - Red

  • ✔ PREMIUM HANDMADE ITALIAN PRECISION: We work with only the best Italian artisans that make our men’s wallets by hand, using the top-grade leather in Europe. These artisans take special care with each snake eye wallet to ensure they are high quality, durable, and totally unique
  • ✔ PURE-GRADE LEATHER DURABILITY: With pure-grade Italian leather, you can count on this men’s wallet to last for years, following you on all of your adventures, endeavors, and professional accomplishments. Our leather is the real-deal, making this European men’s wallet one that will turn heads
  • ✔ MULTI-COMPARTMENT MEN’S MINIMALIST DESIGN: Why settle for a wallet that can only hold a few cards when you can have a multi-compartment bifold men’s cards holder, made with you in mind? That’s right, this leather wallet contains 9 card slots for credit cards, business cards and few folded bills. Organize your life every chance you get
  • ✔ RFID-BLOCKING DATA ARMOR: Hackers are becoming more advanced in their ability to scan your sensitive card information directly through your bag or pocket. Thanks to our RFID-blocking data armor, this RFID-resistant wallet will ensure your most sensitive numbers and information are kept safe and secured from thieves
  • ✔ SLEEK, LIGHTWEIGHT, BIFOLD STRUCTURE: We’ve created this minimalist leather cardholder for men to be sleek and lightweight, never holding you back. Place it in your front or back pocket, bag, briefcase, or your coat pocket as you go through your day, like the boss you were always meant to be
  • ✔ PURE ITALIAN HANDMADE precision, paired with top-grade, soft, yet durable leather, have come together in one finished, long-lasting, and stylish wallet creation that was made with you in mind. Use it long enough, and the originally black leather will reveal its golden/platinum shade.
  • A Red edge finish gives the sleek design a stylish touch of completeness. Wallets are so personal to our lives and the information/cards that we carry. Shouldn’t they be a reflection of the class and sophistication we ooze on a daily basis? Exactly. What’s what inspired us to perfect the Snake Eye Slim card holder for Men.
    RFID-BLOCKING DATA ARMOR Say goodbye to the hackers, scammers, phishers, and thieves that are wandering the streets with scanning technology, able to pick up credit card and ID information. Our data armor has been embedded directly into this wallet.
    SLEEKLY SLENDER No one wants bulky wallet weighing them down. Now you can slide this lightweight, yet incredibly head-turning wallet, into your pockets or bad without any clumsy bulkiness added.
    LIMITED EDITION LEATHER WALLET This Snake Eye Cardholder isn’t going to be around forever. So much care and unique precision was embodied into this creation that we decided to make it limited edition. That’s right – there will only be so many sold before they are pulled from our handmade production team.
    SHOW THE MEN IN YOUR LIFE YOU LOVE THEM This handmade wallet is a perfect gift for the man in your life that makes you smile. Whether it’s your husband, father, brother, or son, show them that their timeless elegance and strength make your life better every single day. Consider gifting it for a birthday, the holidays, an anniversary, or a celebration occasion.
    OUR COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE We never settle for second best here at COLDFIRE, which is why careful, handmade precision went into each and every wallet. That’s right, no two wallets are the same, and we like it that way! You deserve something totally special.